Hello there, I’m Claire.             

Welcome to The Steady Gardener. This is a site dedicated to edible landscape, foraging, and gardening. It is also a community for those that know the joy of a garden and want to share that enthusiasm. Look around for gardening tips and projects, shoot me a question, or tell me something about your gardening interests!

I am a former landscaper with a passion for all things gardening and nature-oriented. My love for the garden began as a child and was nurtured by my southern family and Mississippi summers. From the vegetable garden to the highly cultivated flower beds, to the shade bearing fig trees, unquenchable curiosity and intrigue blossomed. I can still smell a faint memory of those southern summers and feel the wet heat on my skin. That may be where the passion began, but it is far from where it will end.

I dream of thick and luscious swaths of color, sweet scents, and a surplus of pristine organic vegetables. I dream of giving those vegetables to people in my community, and to that child that knows the joy of biting into a fresh tomato (even if I don’t understand that particular joy myself.) This website and blog is the beginning of that journey.

I hope to provide education so that we can all appreciate the weeds and see them as another (insanely affordable) source of nutrition. I dream of dandelion and clover salad, and purslane potato soup. I dream of sauteed onions and salsify buds. I also dream that one day many will know the value and excitement of these flavors.

I am a passionate horticulturist and nature enthusiast, and I live with my husband and our crazy cats in mountainous Colorado.

When I’m not typing away for work or playing in the dirt, I enjoy burying my nose in a book or working on my writing. And when I get the urge to move, you can find me hula hooping or flipping around on the trampoline.

I believe gardening is life. I believe in the power of words and information. I believe in the pursuance of dreams. I believe in the performing arts. And I believe in the importance of bees.